Enterprise Data

Maps.locus provides access to enterprise data for roughly 38 million companies globally using functional tags developed by our team in-house. Please note that all data is used for demonstration purposes only. Maps.locus relies on third party business data providers for the information necessary to functionally and geographically tag companies for our applications.

United States
DatabaseUSA, May, 2022.
Bureau of Labor Statistics, 2019.

DENUE - National Statistical Directory of Economic Units, June, 2018.

United Kingdom
Companies House, February, 2018.

Contains data under the Norwegian Public Data License ( NLOD ) provided by the Brønnøysund Registers, March, 2018.

Danish Enterprise Authority, July, 2018.

The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE), January, 2018.

SIRENE, March, 2018.

National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (STATEC), December, 2018.

Classification Crosswalks

We use proprietary crosswalks to convert Industrial Classification codes into the Locus Classification System (LCS) codes. Industrial classifications used include: NAICS Mexico (SCIAN 2013); United Kingdom's Standard Industrial Classification (SIC 2008); Norway's Standard Industrial Classification (SN2007); Luxembourg' Statistical Classification of Economic Activities (NACELUX); France's APE which is derived from 4-Digit NACE; Belgium's 5-Digit Economic Activity Classification (NACEBEL 2008); and 5-Digit Danish Industrial Classification (DB 2007).